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Welcome to the world of Wessex Pet Photography where animals take centre stage.
I offer individual sessions, which begin with an enjoyable photoshoot, and ends when you receive stunning artwork of your pet(s) at a location of your choice, be it at your home, stables, or on the New Forest. My basic package includes traveling up to 25 miles from Lymington (excluding the Isle of Wight), including the coast, East Dorset, the New Forest, and the Purbecks.
 Explore my gallery and photograph albums to discover images that evoke emotions, ignite curiosity, capture the animal's character, and celebrates the vibrant diversity of nature as this site also includes my landscape and wildlife photography. 
If  you are seeking captivating portraits of your beloved pet, I aim to deliver extraordinary moments frozen in time, or as it has been described as an Everest Moment by Jeannie Tangye of the Minack Chronicles.
Trust my expertise and passion for animal photography to bring your cherished memories to life. Contact me today also to embark on a visual journey that celebrates the captivating bond between humans and animals.

Price of the basic package - £95
Includes Pre session discussion
Travel of up to 25 miles to the location of your choice (except the Isle Of Wight)

One hour photoshoot
Post processing of images
Five digital images for personal use.

You may view your pictures online, and purchase additional downloads online from this website. There are three levels of privacy for online albums, public, visible, and password protected, or private

An essential part of the photo shoot is that all parties are fully relaxed before it commences and during the shoot.  
If there is a heatwave, I may reschedule a photoshoot as the welfare of animals is paramount

Do you encounter any of the following when you are trying to photograph your pet?
As soon as your pet sees your camera or phone 
Your dog either looks miserable or runs straight to you for attention
Your ferret is gone before you press the shutter
Your cat runs away and hides (and refuses to cooperate)

Your guarantee. If the session is not working, I will stop, wait and try again.
This is why I have a policy of only a few quality sessions - maybe two a day.

This link has free doggie and other pet posters for download.
Both my dogs hate fireworks due to the noise. Please sign one of these petitions here

A new site is coming soon for my  wildlife and landscape photography. 

My stock photos for sale on Alamy may be viewed here

Other aspects of my photography business
People Portraits, events and transportation photography Link here
Wildlife and Landscapes, principally New Forest  - website to come
Film, slides, and photo collections link here
Print on Demand and other cards and stationery link here

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